Property Condition Assessments

CHESTER, NJARCHforensic®️ LLC is proud to announce the addition of Property Condition Assessment services to our list of à la carte options. With this service, ARCHforensic’s experts will conduct and prepare Property Condition Assessment reports for property buyers according to ASTM Standards. Property Condition Assessments help save businesses money because they identify construction defects, substandard maintenance, and common potential problems that could develop, as well as major repair requirements that are considered routine. Sometimes, lenders require a Property Condition Assessment prior to borrowing.

Property Condition Assessments identify both short and long-term repairs, as well as capital needs, to help provide predictability for clients and assist them with due diligence during property acquisitions. According to ARCHforensic®️ Senior Consultant Ronald A. Mueller, CSI, CCS, CCCA, “Those in need of a Property Condition Assessment are typically short on time and looking to minimize the expense. However, the stakes are high in real estate and investors need to feel confident that they have the best information available. ARCHforensic’s experts have the years of experience in design, construction, and forensic evaluation of many building types which is especially well-suited for conducting property condition assessments. When limited to visual inspections only, it is important to have well-trained and experienced eyes to spot problems together with the body of knowledge and experience to assess and report on the costs.”

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