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Structural Integrity Law 2760 Compliance and Advisory Services

At ARCHforensic®️ LLC, we are excited to introduce our latest service offering – Compliance and Advisory Services for the recently enacted Structural Integrity Law 2760. Understanding and adhering to new legal requirements is crucial for condominium board members in New Jersey. Our team of experts is equipped to provide comprehensive guidance and support in navigating these new legal landscapes.

Key Service Features:

  1. In-depth Analysis of 2760: Our experts provide a detailed breakdown of the new law, ensuring that our clients fully understand its implications for their buildings.
  2. Compliance Strategy: ARCH has teamed with STRAAM the global leader in structural integrity to test NJ condo buildings in place, in real time. We assist in developing robust strategies to ensure full compliance with the new law, minimizing legal risks and promoting best practices.
  3. Customized Consultation: Every project has unique needs. We offer personalized consultations to address specific concerns related to the new law, tailored to each client’s situation.
  4. Ongoing Support and Updates: The Law requires a retest frequency and potential structural repairs (if needed). We offer ongoing support to keep our clients informed about any updates or changes in legislation that might affect their operations.
  5. Training and Workshops: Knowledge is power. We provide training sessions and workshops for teams to understand and effectively implement the requirements of the new law.
Timothy P. Ronan, PE performing a building evaluation at a job site.
Timothy P. Ronan, PE performing a building evaluation at a job site.

Why Choose ARCHforensic®️ LLC:

  • Expertise: Leverage our deep expertise in forensic architecture, engineering, and construction claims, we have teamed with STRAAM. Alan P. Jeary, the foremost structural engineer in the world, brings his talents to bear on your project. Tom Winant, PE and Timothy J. Ronan, PE are NJ licensed engineers who will be directing our tests.
  • Tailored Solutions: Benefit from customized solutions that fit your specific needs and challenges. Every building is different, and our testing methodology can adapt to any size and shaped building.
  • Proactive Approach: Stay ahead of legal challenges with our proactive and informed guidance. ARCH has been performing structural integrity inspections in NJ since 2016, well before the law was enacted. ARCH was concerned with condo structures and acted before it was required by law.

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