ARCHforensic®️LLC uses infrared thermography during forensic building investigations.

Infrared Thermography

ARCHforensic®️ LLC uses infrared thermography during forensic building investigations and has Level III Infraspection Institute-Certified Infrared Thermographers® on staff. The Level III Thermographer is the highest level of Certification available based on training and tested knowledge to prove competence in the application of thermographic technology. When conducting and managing forensic building investigations, the Level III Thermographer Certification assures clients we have the ability to appropriately apply thermographic investigative technology and develop inspection procedures based on industry-specific standards.

Infrared thermography provides ARCHforensic with non-destructive testing technology and tools to assist our personnel in providing clients with more cost-effective means to complete investigations. Our thermal imagers are regularly used to detect, display, and record thermal patterns across the surface of building components that, in the hands of a trained thermographer, can provide a wealth of information about concealed defects and damages not visible to the naked eye.


Having Level III Certified experts on staff help ARCHforensic stay on the cutting edge of non-invasive testing which is quicker and more cost-effective for clients. From an expert witness perspective, Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer testimony is considered most reliable because they are able to set their own testing protocols. Our certified experts have the knowledge and skills to accurately interpret thermographic images to assess conditions of buildings including roofing, cladding, insulation, electrical, mechanical and structural systems.

While many “experts” in the building diagnostics industry have acquired infrared equipment, thermography is not merely a point and shoot technology; thermographic images must be analyzed by an expert who possesses the training and knowledge necessary to accurately interpret the data. Thus, having experts who have earned the highest thermographer certification together with years of construction and building diagnostics experience is very important because we have seen thermographic images misinterpreted by building experts who do not possess the formal knowledge of thermographic principles gained through the study and training to achieve the Level III Certification.

Infrared Thermography
Completing the Infraspection Institute Level I, II, and III Infrared Courses w includes training in infrared theory, heat transfer concepts, equipment selection and operation, equipment testing and calibration, understanding common error sources, and specific applications for thermography including roofs, building envelopes, electrical and mechanical systems. Moreover, Level III training covers advanced topics related to developing, implementing, and managing a successful infrared inspection program using ASNT standards (American Society for Nondestructive Testing), OSHA and NFPA safety standards, legal documentation, industry certification criteria, and development of standards-compliant written practices and procedures.

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