Delay Claims Services

​​Challenges in constructions inevitably arise and how we meet those challenges can make all the difference. Delay claims are among the most common types of demands made against parties to a construction project.

Timothy P. Ronan, PE

ARCHforensic’s experienced experts will identify, analyze and prepare construction delay claims and disputes for a variety of worldwide projects. When constructions claims arise, our experienced experts help assess or validate entitlement and quantification of damages to resolve disputes in an effective, timely and efficient manner.

ARCHforensic’s experts have worked on delays for thirty years on projects as small as a residential addition, and as large as the Panama Canal and World Trade Center Reconstruction.


ARCHforensic specializes in analyzing, preparing and validating construction schedule delay and disruption claims whether the delays are related to design, procurement of materials, construction, labor forces, or a combination of these and other factors that influence the progress of the completion of the project. Our CPM scheduling and project controls experts are experienced in identifying, developing and mitigating schedule delays and disruptions as well as provide ongoing support to assess or validate a party’s entitlement or quantification of damages.

Throughout the duration of construction or after the start of beneficial occupancy, our experts will analyze project schedules, construction contracts and the parties’ performance to identify liability, quantify damages, and assist with requests for equitable adjustment or construction claims in a timely and cost effective manner. An accurate baseline schedules and updated schedules are valuable resources for all parties’ as a shield and sword.

ARCHforensic utilizes standard industry means and methods to identify, quantify and prepare schedule delay claims.

  • Time Impact Analysis (TIA)
  • Windows Delay Analysis (typically 3 month to 6 month windows)
  • CPM Schedule Analysis
  • Longest Path Analysis
  • As-Planned vs. As-Built Analysis
  • Collapsed As-Built
  • Cumulative Impact of Change Orders
  • But For Analysis

Damage Quantification Methods for Delays & Disruptions

  • Actual Damages
  • Total Cost v. Bid Cost
  • Modified Total Cost
  • Measured Mile
  • Material Escalation
  • Liquidated Damages
  • MCAA Labor Factoring

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