Value Engineering

Value engineering is a management process where a construction project is reviewed to find potential savings of time and money. Moreover, the value added that can happen for little to no cost to make the project more successful.

ARCHforensic® honed this process where our experts serve as a second opinion on a current project to insure it is moving in the right direction.

What is the Value Engineering Process?

Value Engineering has disciplined procedures designed to seek optimum value for both initial and long-term investment. Our process is not only a design/peer review or a cost-cutting exercise, but rather an organized and creative effort that analyzes project requirements to achieve essential functions at the lowest total costs over a project’s life span. This is achieved using investigative groups that are comprised of multi-disciplinary teams that improve value through studies of alternate design concepts, schedule, and project delivery without compromising client objectives.

What sets ARCHforensic apart, is our extensive staff experience and having the certified value engineering certification. Our architects, engineers and construction experts will study and review a given project’s data to determine where we can add value and save money.

Value engineering and peer review can act as a quality control mechanism and can occur at any time during the lifespan of a project. But the earlier it is applied, the higher the rate of return on time and investment.

Value Engineering

What Do Our Clients Say?

Our clients have found our Value Engineering process helpful with their construction projects.

According to Chuck Graziano, CPM, PCAM, Director of Management Services with the Wilkin Management Group, “We worked with ARCHForensic to get an independent opinion about the need for reconstruction of deteriorated structural components throughout the community. While this matter was not one of litigation or to resolve a dispute, the association simply wanted to be able to achieve a comfort level with the approach being taken by their current professionals. Arch did a stellar job and exceeded expectations in helping the association’s board achieve that comfort level!”

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