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You Have Your Community Association Reserve Study – Now What??

As a property manager or board member, you can certainly relate to this question. It is one thing to choose the next project from your Reserve Study, but it’s another thing to thoroughly review the report and collaboratively make the decisions necessary to get the essential work done in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

For example, your Reserve Study says your community needs to replace each building’s roof next year and you have 20 buildings. There are budget and other constraints to consider.

  • Is there enough in Association reserves for this project, or will you have to consider a special assessment?
  • Do all roofs need to be completed in the same year?
  • Is there enough room to store all the roofing materials for 40 roofs?
  • Is there enough parking for 50 roofers a day?

Facilities Program Manager

ARCHforensic’s Facilities Management Services

ARCHforensicLLC can create a plan that fits your budget with less impact on the community. When asked to explain how working with a Facilities Program Manager (FPM) would work to the community association’s advantage after the completion of a Reserve Study, Christopher D. Ling, AIA, NCARB, PP, LEEDap, CCT said, “we have a facilities master planning process at ARCHforensic that helps our clients understand what is truly needed to be completed this year and what can wait.”

Mr. Ling explained, “Because we are experts in cost, scheduling, and value engineering for building repairs, we are in a better position to manage the priority of work needed to make the improvements required under a basic Reserve Study. Thus, capital is better spent because the improvements made are strategically completed based on priority, as opposed to a blanket list outlined in the Reserve Study.”

Facilities Program Manager


Mr. Ling added, “ARCHforensic is highly experienced in overseeing community association programs from a practical and financial perspective, and can help you create a masterplan from your Reserve Study to tackle the work cost-effectively and strategically.”

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