Christopher D. Ling, AIA, NCARB, Timothy P. Ronan, PE and Ken Warman reviewing architectural drawings and construction documentation in the office

Dispute Resolution Services

ARCHforensic® offers dispute resolution services during the construction phase of a project. However, it is recommended to onboard our highly experienced and uniquely qualified experts during the bid phase of a project to help maximize time budgetary cost controls.

With dispute resolution services, our experts will assist with construction disputes as they arise. ARCHforensic’s highly experienced construction experts will help keep projects on time and budget with better cost controls.

Dispute Resolution Services

According to the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation, “(a) Dispute Board (DB) is a board of impartial professionals formed at the beginning of the project to follow construction progress, encourage dispute avoidance, and assist in the resolution of disputes for the duration of the project. Dispute Boards are commonly referred to as Dispute Resolution or Review Boards in the US, and Dispute Boards internationally, but may be referred to by a variety of terms such as Dispute Avoidance Board (DAB), Dispute Review Board (DRB), Dispute Review Panel (DRP), Dispute Avoidance/Adjudication Board (DAAB), and many others. While they may be referred to in different ways, their function is essentially the same, which is to encourage dispute avoidance and to resolve disputes.”

With our dispute resolution services, ARCHforensic experts will help settle disputes as they arise with agreed-upon neutral professionals to help streamline a complex and sometimes litigious process.

Dispute Resolution Services

ARCHforensic will gather a group of designers, construction, and legal professionals for the client to choose its Dispute Board for the next project.

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