Expert Witness

The testifying expert’s role is to is to help the trier of fact make sense of technical or complex scientific matters and explain how these complexities fit into the case at hand’s fact pattern. ARCHforensic’s team of experts are highly experienced in all facets of construction and work closely with attorneys, litigants and courts to help resolve all types of construction litigation disputes. ARCHforensic’s knowledge, experience, leadership and thorough analysis formulate the basis upon which our expert witnesses effectively testify in mediations, arbitrations, and court appearances.

What makes us unique is our ability to help clients, attorneys, and the trier of fact understand complex construction issues by explaining scientific and technical issues in a clear and simple manner. We are a highly specialized firm who pays close attention to detail, timelines, budgets and operational constraints. Our testifying expert witnesses understand client needs and objectives, and are prepared to help clients navigate the complexities of the construction litigation process.


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