ARCHforensic provides drone inspection services using drone technology

Drone Inspection Services

ARCHforensic®️ LLC provides drone inspection services to aid in the investigation, analysis and preparation for all types of  construction claims. Drones have proven particularly useful in the investigation and analysis of building envelopes and construction sites because they improve quality control and eliminate the need for personnel to physically inspect certain features where accessibility is a challenge.

Moreover, as structures age and develop wear and tear, inspections become necessary to ensure public safety. Viewing structural issues using sensors like thermal and electric optical can identify degradation and focus on details.

One of the many benefits to using drones is that it significantly reduces on-site costs because there is no need for a crane, man lift or in many cases, a need for all experts to be on site as the footage can be viewed via livestream.

Live remote drone inspections are an emerging method to reduce inspection costs. ARCHforensic offers real-time live drone inspection services which substantially reduces overall costs by avoiding expensive lift rentals and reducing the need for travel by experts.

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