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Transition Studies

The transfer of control from the developer to the community association is one of the most important periods in a community association’s lifetime. It is also the time when the community association’s governing body determines the development’s physical and financial strength as well as the procedures for future maintenance and financial stability.

A transition study reviews the as-built development for general conformance with the provided design drawings and association documents to confirm that no defects exist. For instance, a transition study would disclose defects such as water infiltration, roof leaks, or concrete settlement caused by poor design or construction.

ARCHforensic® LLC Streamlines Transitions Through Technology

ARCHforensic® LLC is looking to the future and working diligently on a new technology-driven process to revolutionize the way in which transitions and other property condition reports are compiled.

This streamlined process will create more thorough and accurate property condition reports in less time that will benefit property managers and community associations nationwide.

ARCHforensic® LLC Transition Studies

From our comprehensive analysis, we will supply a summary punch list and narrative report that describes the deficiencies found, potential causes, and remedial recommendations.

Whether negotiating warranty work with the developer or preparing for litigation, an ARCHforensic transition study situates community association clients in the strongest position to obtain a remedy for construction defect issues and the appropriate compensation for them.

While our goal is to provide clients with a powerful document that will help avoid lawsuits, there are some cases where issues cannot be resolved without litigation. In such cases, our testifying expert witnesses are experienced and ready to help clients navigate the complexities of the construction litigation process.

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