CHESTER, NJ –ARCHforensic®️ LLC has been growing both nationally and internationally due to the high quality of our experienced experts and commitment to advanced technology.

How is ARCHforensic able to provide in-depth building diagnostics and testing in an online world?

ARCHforensic has a unique and borderless approach to building diagnostics that sets us apart from other forensic consulting firms. The advanced technology that we use allows us to provide expert opinions while limiting travel to distant locations, saving time and money.

Ronald A. Mueller

In the Spotlight: Ronald A. Mueller, CSI, CCS, CCCA, Senior Consultant

Ronald A. Mueller, CSI, CCS, CCCA, Senior Consultant at ARCHforensic®️ and one of the top construction experts in the nation, is no stranger to in-depth building diagnostics and testing. He has applied his skills and experience over a 30+ year career in building design and construction, serving clients in need of forensic investigations for construction claims.

As one of ARCHforensic’s leading experts and a level 3 thermographer, Mr. Mueller conducts building investigations, performs building code and industry standard research, analyzes architectural drawings, prepares expert reports and conducts construction oversight as a construction contract administrator.

What Sets Ronald A. Mueller Apart

With his high level of expertise, Mr. Mueller conducts both virtual and on-site assessments and performs management services during the construction process. Mr. Mueller’s thermography expertise drives the success behind the implementation of ARCHforensic’s non-invasive infrared inspection program. These specialties are useful in dissecting infrastructure during the forensic process of investigating building design and construction.


According to Christopher D. Ling, AIA, NCARB, “Because of his strong background in construction and design, Ron is one of the best demonstrative evidence specialists in the country. He has strong insight on how buildings should be built. His expertise allows him to identify construction defects with ease.

He has a deep understanding of the forensic process from start to finish, and has achieved mastery in his field.”

When asked how he performs such in-depth diagnostics and analysis, Mr. Mueller explained, “Primarily, I use the scientific method approach, which I have adapted and developed through codes and standards.”

He further explained that he focuses on four key steps:

1) Research – Understanding the design and applying standards.
2) Physical inspection – Developing an investigative plan and conducting testing.
3) Analysis of data – Determining causation and liability.
4) Report creation – Providing a clear understanding of the issue


He adheres to the ARCHforensic approach to act as a trusted advisor while working with attorneys to ascertain the facts so we can present the information clearly.

Mr. Mueller is one of many experts that contribute to the continuous and growing success of ARCHforensic by being a dedicated member of our team and constantly striving to provide the best service for our clients.

For more information about Mr. Mueller and our experienced team of experts, CLICK HERE.

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