CHESTER, NJ – Due to the recent tragedy in Florida, our firm has received several phone calls asking about building integrity and critical infrastructure questions, such as:

Is our building structurally sound?

What can we do to ensure the safety of our occupants?


Homeowners, condominium boards and managers are watching the news and wondering how best to protect their buildings.

With the age and degradation of buildings over time, it is imperative to have building structures and other critical building components tested to ensure they are structurally sound and all systems are in safe working condition.

ARCHforensic® LLC offers a structural risk assessment service to calculate the structural integrity of buildings. Clients will receive a safety rating and a detailed structural report outlining remediation actions.

Tim Ronan, PE

Moreover, our experienced experts will perform other critical building systems inspections that include noninvasive inspections of all life safety systems such as fire alarms, sprinklers and fire ratings.

According to Christopher D. Ling, AIA, NCARB, “Many older building structures have not been tested for years and when they are tested most use theoretical formulas that are inadequate and antiquated. We use new, cutting edge technology that tests a building’s structural integrity in a few hours with minimal interruption to residential living. This type of budget-friendly service is a must to ensure the structural integrity of homes and other buildings.”

For more information about these services, contact us HERE or call (833) 427-2487.

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