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CHESTER, NJ – ARCHforensic®️ LLC may be a small forensic architecture firm but it has the capability to complete large projects in a short period of time. With the use of cutting edge technology and highly skilled staff, ARCHforensic streamlined the Transition Study process and completed a very large project within a two-week deadline.

The client, Trump Plaza West (TPW) Condominium Association, is the representative Board for the residents of a 57 story high-rise located in Jersey City, New Jersey. As of 2019, it was the tallest condominium building in New Jersey. TPW has five penthouse levels, an amenities deck with a grotto, a high-end massage and spa area, an indoor driving range, billiards, a full size gym, an outdoor pool, a children’s playground, a parking garage, and limited commercial space on the ground floor. The building also provides spectacular views of Manhattan and is just a short walk to the NY Waterway Ferries and NJ Path to New York City.

TPW hired ARCHforensic to conduct a Transition Study. The purpose of the study was to review the as-built development for conformance with the design drawings and building codes to confirm that no defects exist. In this case, the Board gave ARCHforensic a two-week deadline to provide the homeowners with a verbal report and presentation of all critical issues. ARCHforensic’s presentation included photos, descriptions and cost estimates for the recommended repairs.

When providing consulting services, ARCHforensic uses cost effective means for completing investigations and is at the forefront of incorporating cutting edge technology together with specialized experts. While transition studies normally take two to three months to complete, ARCHforensic completed the TPW Transition Study in a two-week timeframe.

ARCHforensic fast-tracked the transition process by leveraging technology for the owner’s survey, building inspections and exterior facade investigations, which were done via infrared drone technology. ARCHforensic also performed a three-day building inspection of forty units and all common elements, including the exterior envelope and all building systems.

Moreover, ARCHforensic’s experienced staff work at a very high level, quickly and efficiently with strong attention to detail and deadlines. The condominium’s attorney, Richard B. Linderman, Esq. of Ansell, Grimm and Aaron PC, said “Chris and his team were a great fit for this project and it was a pleasure working with him on this Transition.”

In addition to the Transition Study, ARCHforensic also completed a Reserve Study to project how much money the condominium will need to reserve for future capital improvements.

According to forensic architect Christopher D. Ling, “In order to complete this project quickly and efficiently, it took a strong team effort between ARCHforensic’s architects and engineers, the management company, attorneys, onsite staff, and Board members. Our ability to seamlessly work together led to a very successful and expedited Transition Study.”

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