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CHESTER, NJ – ARCHforensic®️ is proud to announce the addition of delay claim services to our list of a la carte options. Delay claims are among the most common types of demands made against parties to a construction project. We know the way that one meets inevitable challenges in construction make all the difference and ARCHforensic® is prepared to assist clients with these challenges.

ARCHforensic’s experienced delay experts will identify, analyze and assist you with construction delay claims and disputes. When constructions claims arise, our worldwide experienced experts help assess or validate entitlement and quantification of damages to resolve disputes in an effective, timely and efficient manner.


ARCHforensic’s experts have worked on delays for thirty years on projects as small as a residential addition, and as large as the World Trade Center Reconstruction and the retooling of the Panama Canal.

ARCHforensic® specializes in analyzing, preparing and validating construction schedule delay and disruption claims whether the delays are related to design, procurement of materials, construction, labor forces, or a combination of these and other factors. Our CPM scheduling and project control experts are experienced in identifying, developing and mitigating schedule delays and disruptions, as well, as provide ongoing support to assess or validate a party’s entitlement or quantification of damages.

According to Timothy P. Ronan, PE and Principal at ARCHforensic, “a period of time that a construction or design project has been extended or work has not been performed due to occurrences that were not anticipated by the parties, is a delay to the project and an equitable time extension and financial recovery should be provided by the party who delayed the project. Sometimes there are unforeseen delays such as the COVID 19 outbreak, while others more common delays include differing site conditions, change orders, labor unavailability, unavailability of materials or specialized equipment, defective plans and specifications, as well as interference by a party in the contract.”

“The delay must be excusable in order to serve as the basis for a time extension or additional compensation, both of which should be prescribed in the contract or agreement. The current COVID 19 situation is described as Force Majeure, which is an excusable delay. There also may be financial impacts due to COVID 19 outbreak delays that should be examined further to determine the magnitude of the time and financial impacts,” Mr. Ronan added.

ARCHforensic® utilizes standard industry means and methods in all our delay claim work.

• Time Impact Analysis (TIA) 
• Windows Delay Analysis (typically 3 months to 6 months windows) 
• CPM Schedule Analysis 
• Longest Path Analysis 
• As-Planned vs. As-Built Analysis 
• Collapsed As-Built 
• Cumulative Impact of Change Orders 
• But For Analysis

Damage Quantification Methods for Delays & Disruptions

• Actual Damages 
• Total Cost v. Bid Cost 
• Modified Total Cost 
• Measured Mile 
• Material Escalation 
• Liquidated Damages 
• MCAA Labor Factoring

For more information about ARCHforensic’s delay claims services, contact us here.

May 2020

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