Brad Weisberger

Brad Weisberger is an experienced legal professional with a track record of performing excellent research and clearly presenting his findings in writing. Mr. Weisberger’s background in the legal field ranges from large corporate work to boutique law firm experience. Whether authoring important legal memorandums, such as the one he completed at AT&T Law Division which convinced the FCC to allow a new calling feature to be offered without having to file a complex tariff, to the routine drafting of complaints and motions for experienced attorneys, Mr. Weisberger brings a sharp eye and attention to detail to his work.

As the Senior Research and Claims Specialists at ARCHforensic, Mr. Weisberger performs quality control on reports, conducts in-depth research, and assists the Administrative Team in day-to-day operations.

Both Mr. Weisberger’s graduate and undergraduate work were completed with honors including his master’s in public admiration (MPA) in the area of Court Administration which was completed at Seton Hall University. Mr. Weisberger shared his knowledge in several venues including working as an adjunct professor of American Government. He has also given presentations at professional conferences, such as the Regional Middle States Association for Social Studies, where he presented topics connected to the Bill of Rights and government.

Mr. Weisberger has been published in a variety of sources ranging from the Wall Street Journal’s magazine called Managing Your Career to the Social Science Docket put out by Hofstra University.

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